Sports and Live gambling available at the digital platform of web has today revolutionized the manner in which gaming is practiced today. Gone are the days when gambling was restricted to the premises of a real world casino that was accessed and available only to a privileged few. With an endless plethora of micro gaming and sports betting platforms, a user can engage in any sports game like football, cricket, hockey etc. of his choice via these online interfaces.

If you are a sports lover or possibly a football freak, football betting done via the medium of internet portals could appear quite enticing. Before you decide to register into any micro gaming platform we bring in a guide to make you aware with some of the most frequently used terms associated and Football Betting Tips with the arena of football betting:

  • Handicap: As the name suggest, this type of bet is operational in scenarios where one team shares a huge support and fan popularity like Brazil. Under handicap bets, the subordinate team is given few advantages to allow fair play like a goal start to keep the sportsmanship intact.
  • Accumulator: Grouped together in the form a several single series bets, allows accumulation of odd patches. When played wisely could lead to winning by a large amount though the risk is losing definitely on the higher side.

In addition to these two, there are many other forms like over/under, Double chance play, Score cast etc. that are popular among sport gamblers and frequently adopted via web gambling sites.